MARKET DAY – SATURDAY 28th January, 2017 – 7am to 11am

The Toowoomba Farmers’ Market will offer all things foodie, farm, country and community.

Our market defines itself from others within our region. We are a market that advocate for all farmers’, growers, producers and artisans whilst promoting education, mindfulness and awareness. We recognise the need for a regular market to help aid change in eating habits and drive demand towards supporting local business’ rather than the big guys and supermarkets. It aims to give our local and wider community a chance to buy fresh seasonal food direct from the people who grew it. To learn of their food’s origin and it’s journey. This market is being brought to the community by a community that supports best farming practices and embraces innovation through sustainability.

Paddock to Potager and the farmers market together will lead our community……. Our objective is for children to grow and learn that supporting farmers and local artisans is normal and sought after. It all begins with educating ourselves, no matter what the age, and passing these skills down to younger generations. Our market includes educational programs over at the farm ‘Paddock to Potager’ such as animal husbandry, growing food, harvesting and then learning what to do with the abundance of fresh seasonal food. These programs are supported by our local early childhood and school curriculums, after school learning and school holiday visits.


Spring market day

Paddock to Potager

Toowoomba Farmers Market founder Fiona May also runs Paddock to Potager where you will find pigs, lamb, chooks, ducks, geese, dairy house cows and rambling gardens filled with seasonal fresh vegetables and herbs. Every thing at Paddock to Potager, Fiona’s ethical small scale farm, has a purpose.

Fiona May







“Whether it’s a pork belly, a rack of lamb, eggs for the table, or veggies to harvest in the organic market garden, our farm is tended to using sustainable practices”. Fiona said
“Our aim is to to increase your knowledge of where your food comes from through, On-farm tours, After school lessons, Workshops and locally producing pastured pork.
We introduce the paddock to plate concept, particularly to the younger generations to pass down farming skills.
We hope to inspire you to do what you can with the time you have and the resources available”.

wallow trio







You can find out more about Paddock to Potager by visiting their website  www.paddocktopotager.com.au







Or contact Fiona directly on 0439 844 849